Power Terminal Stud, Firewall Pass-through




The power terminal stud assembly is ideal for carrying large electrical loads through the firewall such as the main power feed from the battery and to the bus bar.  The power stud meets the rule requirements for firewall penetrations with respect to flammability.  The stud and interfacing hardware is brass to maximise conductivity through the stud.

Different stud configurations are available:

AD4STD1M4-45   M4X0.7 Stud    45 mm Long    122 A max current
AD4STD1M5-51    M5X0.8 Stud    51 mm Long    176 A max current
AD4STD1M6-57    M6X1.0 Stud    57 mm Long    229 A max current (most popular)
AD4STD1M8-66    M8X1.25 Stud 66 mm Long    363 A max current
AD4STD1M10-80 M10X1.5 Stud  80 mm Long    516 A max current

Other custom configurations (such as longer stud lengths) may be available on request.

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M4, M5, M6, M8, M10