Aero Composites

Aero Composites is the sister company to Aero Design Ltd. Aero Design handles the design and certification for Aero Composites. Aero Composites is a CAA Part 148 certified manufacturer specifically focused on manufacturing advanced composite airframes and parts for aircraft. Our focus is performance and efficiency through weight reduction and aerodynamic improvements.

Aero Design

Aero Design is an experienced design office consisting of a team of qualified design engineers from various backgrounds. The chief design engineer, Dan Retief, has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has been involved with several composites projects prior to his involvement with Aero Design and Aero Composites. Dan has also been granted a delegation by the Civil Aviation Authority to approveĀ  modifications to aircraft. Aero Design has been focusing primarily, until now, on designing modifications and repair schemes for aircraft in New Zealand, predominantly in the Waikato Area. Aero Design aims now to expand by designing products for Aero Composites.