The vision for Aero Composites is to be a manufacturer of composite aircraft utilizing advanced technology and designs to produce aircraft that will enable air travel and general aviation to flourish into a future of diminishing hydrocarbon fuel resources.

Imagine that you could fly passengers from any town to any town for the same cost per seat as a Boeing 787 flight, but without the limitation of only being able to land and take-off on large sealed runways, and without the need to fill almost all the seats before you begin to make a profit.

We aim to make air travel accessible and affordable for as many people and destinations as possible by designing airliners of the future using materials of the future.


ORCA ( Ostentatious Regional Composite Airliner ) concept design

Building a foundation

In order to achieve our vision, Aero Composites will use stepping stone projects to build its technological capability, production capacity and credibility in the market. Technological capability will be grown by projects that introduce advanced techniques and materials to the company.

The first stage of achieving our goal is to fabricate a number of smaller aircraft parts out of carbon composites followed by projects of increasing scope and challenge, building on established capability.

Credibility in the market will be gained by continued support for our customers and producing exceptional products of the highest quality.

Thinking big

Aero Composites are aiming to manufacture turboprop passenger aircraft up to 50 passenger seats.


We plan to develop, certify and manufacture aircraft in New Zealand first aimed at the New Zealand market. We believe aircraft designed to thrive in the challenging environment in New Zealand will make it suitable for the rest of the world.