Sealed Upper Cowl Plug

Ram Cowl Progress

We are currently making the tooling to manufacture our new Ram Cowls. We started with the upper cowl plug. This is made out of high density fine grain MDF. We cut slices of MDF to shape with our CNC router and bond them together to form the plug. The next picture shows the profiles bonded together. The next picture shows the plug sealed with epoxy ready to receive a coat…

ANSYS simulation

Aero Composites joined the ANSYS startup program to acquire advanced simulation capability of Aerodynamics and Composite Structures. Using Ansys Composite PrePost Aero Composites is capable of analyzing composite structures in fine detail, layer by layer. With this capability we can predict out of plane stresses that could cause failures before we even build the first prototype for testing. It also allows us to predict accurately the stiffness, deflection, weight, and…

Cresco Cowls Front View

Cresco Engine Cowls

Aero Composites completed its first two sets of certified Cresco Engine Cowls in 2018. These cowls are manufactured to a much higher standard than the original cowls using top grade high strength Carbon Fibers imported from Toho Tenax and a special Fire Resistant Epoxy Resin imported for us by Adhesive Technologies. The pictures show the first prototype cowl installed on a newly rebuilt Cresco 08600 of Aerospread.