Aircraft Composites

Aero Composites specialize in the manufacture of certified composite airframes and airframe parts using advanced carbon composites.


41″ 8 Vane Spreader

Aero Design and Aero Composites have developed a spreader which is designed to be used with wide outlet (41″) gate-boxes on Cresco, Fletcher, 750XL, or Air Tractors. The design has been aerodynamically analysed using Computational Fluid Dynamics to achieve the optimal spread with minimal drag. Coming in at only 47 kg it rivals competing spreader designs with respect to weight. The first unit has been completed ready for test flying and certification sign off. To secure your position in the production queue get in touch with us or check out the product in our online store for more information.
ANSYS Startup Program

Aero Composites is an ANSYS startup program participant.